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Our Story

Sancho Analytics is developed and run by Silicon Valley big data specialists, LigaData Inc. We’ve spent years helping companies extract value from their data resources, but still encounter many executives who can’t get the data they need as quickly and as easily as they should.


We’re not out to replace the Power BIs and Tableaus of this world, but we also know that viewing metrics on a mobile device should be straightforward, simple to understand, and accessible.


Rather, we’re enabling executives to hold their key numbers at their fingertips; and helping data teams ensure easy access to KPIs and direct communication of the latest data.


It’s always your data, just let Sancho Analytics do the talking.


  • All press inquiries should be directed to: marketing[at]

  • For all other inquiries, please email: sancho[at]


The Sancho who lives in our app is based on Don Quixote’s sidekick, Sancho Panza – source of advice and wisdom, and always keen to learn. Owner of a mule and an impressive mustache.

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