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New Sancho Integration: Google Pub/Sub

When our Sancho users and community asked us to implement some new features – we found the best solutions to fit the need.

As their requirements to ingest more and more data grew, a few of our enterprise clients asked to automate the process of pulling data from their existing system rather than using a manual process like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. They also wanted to increase the frequency of data refresh in Sancho. So, our team went out and got the best-in-class capability by integrating with Google Pub/Sub for unlimited data uploads.

In addition to the classic upload methods (Microsoft Excel & Google Sheets) - Sancho offers more reliable and customized alternatives like Google Pub/Sub. However, users aren’t locked-in to using a particular upload method.

When opting to use Google Pub/Sub you don't need to move the data from your data systems to Google Sheets or Excel to upload, the data is being uploaded directly from your systems and will flow automatically to Sancho. Using Google Pub/Sub allows users to upload an unlimited amount of data to Sancho with a one-time configuration and minimum amount of human interaction.

We’re delighted to offer this new feature to clients and users who need it.

Speak to us about setting up a demo for you and your organization today: info [@]

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Nov 12, 2021

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