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Sancho Analytics in the Chicken Coop

This blog is part of a series of quick looks at conceptual use cases for Sancho Analytics across a wide array of traditional industries.

Growth in poultry farming has been unstoppable. Despite significant shifts in meat preferences, we still see poultry at the forefront of food consumption. In the next 30 years, another three billion people will populate Earth, and poultry producers need to respond to an even faster-moving supply chain. The industry has already seen countless innovations used in chicken coops, from 3D printing prosthetics to Virtual Reality (VR). Let’s look at how Sancho Analytics could play a role in the dairy section of your local grocer.

Daily Data Collection and Analysis. Research shows one of the major reasons behind the mismanagement of flocks is post-factum analysis. This is when managers have flock data, but wait a week to calculate their daily averages for comparison to the preceding week’s averages. The post-factum approach means that detection of problems occurs later than it should be.

Enter Sancho: Since managers already collect daily data, all they need to do is set up automated data uploads to Sancho. They can now view their data without scrolling through thousands of spreadsheet rows. They can also look at averages, totals, highs, lows, and so on. After this, Sancho brings in AI Agent. We’re talking about powerful real-time analytics delivered to you as insights. Notice how I didn’t say near real-time. So when hens stop laying eggs because they’re sick or feel the presence of a predator, a notification like this appears: “Hi! You might want to know that egg production in Farm 3 Stable 2 has been trending down since 2021-01-26 with a value of 896”. Not only does this turn into actionable insights, but the manager may engage in better-informed discussions on where improvements should be made.

Interestingly, you’d think a simple remedy like Sancho's AI Agent that detects powerful insights with real-time analytics would exist across the poultry production plants of the world. But it doesn’t. To learn more about technology and innovation in poultry farming check out the link below!


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