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How to impress your boss, according to a Sancho admin

In our last blog we asked an analyst about what being a Sancho admin is like. This week we are uncovering tips a Sancho admin has to impress your boss.

Across every industry, companies big and small need to improve data management and accessibility. In case you haven't heard, Sancho Analytics makes it easier for your top and middle management to find and understand the information they need to do their job. Who is curating that information for them? A Sancho Admin. Below are three tips an admin has for you to win over your boss through Sancho.

1. Show Core Competence In Your Data

This covers the basics. You should have a solid understanding of the data that you upload into your workgroup. What do the numbers mean? What do the numbers show? Think of this as the absolute minimum as far as workgroup admin skills go, then build on it, rather than thinking of it as a rudimentary file upload. Once you feel comfortable only then can you confidently categorize your data in the dashboard and choose the data type, time levels, and the statistics that your team member will see.

2. Communicate through Sancho

This is an absolutely key and crucial skill for admins. Don’t just be good at it -- be great at it. That’s where your bar should be set. Whether you’re sharing an insight or sending out a notification on Sancho, be informative, be helpful, and be educative. Send out the types of insights and notifications that people need to open immediately because they’re so curious.

3. Dot your ‘i’s

Organization and attention to detail are two skills that were probably already on your resume -- and everybody else’s! Pay attention. Be meticulous. Find a workgroup management and housekeeping system that works for you. Be the best-oiled machine you can be. Sancho Analytics gives you all the tools to make data accessible and user-friendly for your whole team or organization, so don’t forget that the quality and organization of workgroups are in your hands! You can either break it or make it.


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