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New Feature Update: Google Sheets Upload Now Available for Sancho Analytics!

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

With many of our employees now calling home their office, our teams inspiration to spark creative ideas and bring them to life has been amplified. You can keep engineers out of the office but you cant stop their ideas from flowing. We have many exciting features to announce in the coming months for our Sancho Analytics app for our Pathfinders to enjoy. We take pride in building products that have the user at the forefront. We are excited to announce today that Sancho Analytics is now able to connect with Google Sheets!

Pathfinders can now simply connect Google sheets to Sancho Analytics and create a live connection to their data. This is perfect for teams that have created collaborative, customized data sets. Users will find Sancho mirrors the convenience and accessibility that google sheets offers. Additionally, this upgrade provides instant data visualization on the go.

Interested in getting started and testing it out for yourself? Register your interest here to be added to the Sancho Analytics app user group.


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