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Sancho Analytics is excited to announce the release of Autocomplete!

A key feature that makes interacting with Sancho even easier.

People hate typing out long sentences on their mobile devices. It’s tedious, frustrating, and slow. Autocomplete is a process that kicks in when you start typing and predicted terms are displayed to save you time.

Predictions, not suggestions

You’ll notice we said “predictions” instead of “suggestions”, there’s a big difference between the two. We’ve designed Autocomplete not to suggest a new question for Sancho, but rather to give our best prediction of what you want.

The predictions change whenever a new letter is typed in our chat box. The intuitiveness of our Autocomplete comes from your own data that you uploaded. Sancho understands your data, and therefore can predict what you want to see.

While this seems simple, it was deceivingly difficult to create.

Your favorite search engines like Google, YouTube, and Amazon have invested tens of millions into their own version of this Autocomplete. Users now expect this with the products they use on a daily basis.

We’re very proud of the work we’ve done on this feature, and have received overwhelmingly positive feedback. However, it’s a work-in-progress and there is nothing more we’d love than to hear your feedback.

It’s crucial to us that our users have a say in developing our product.

In the meanwhile, enjoy our newest feature.

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