Key Features

  • Super-simple to connect your data: Connect Sancho Analytics to where your metrics currently live. Data specialists will do this in no time.

  • Familiar chat interface: Sancho’s really easy to use, and only shows you what you ask to see.

  • No jargon to learn: Sancho Analytics uses Natural Language Processing so you can ask questions normally "What was yesterday's revenue?" or "Customer sat figures, now!" (he doesn’t mind if you shout).

  • Insights and notifications: Sancho Analytics can notify you with your key numbers daily, and data teams can use him to share key messages and insights.

  • Secure data management: All your data is securely hosted on the cloud and is controlled by you and your team.


Sancho for execs

Keep a close eye on your company operations, with data that's as up-to-the-minute as it's uploaded. Sancho Analytics isn't trying to replicate a dashboard on your phone, but behind the scenes it's just as sophisticated, with NLP and AI - just to keep it simple.

Sancho for analysts

Use Sancho Analytics as an always-on broadcast channel, to ensure your management team stay informed - of the big, or the small. As an analyst, you'll manage the data loading & updates to our cloud environment, and define your team's Sancho experience.

Sancho for everyone

If you deal with data on a regular basis, you'll know how frustrating it can be to get your hands on the right numbers at the right time. Sancho Analytics takes data from many sources, and shows you just what you want to see, when you want it. Company metrics are always a few taps away.



Division Head,
Global Telco
November, 2019

"Sancho is super innovative. It'll be awesome to see data presented near real time."

Sales feedback
November, 2019

"Truthfully, Sancho sold itself. As soon as I showed him the basics he said he wanted it."

CCO, Global Research House

"What does it take to put the data in there? Let's go!"

January, 2020
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If you're an exec who doesn't always have your finger quite on the right metrics, or an analyst who spends half your time fielding data questions,

Sancho Analytics can help.

Interested in seeing how Sancho can improve

data awareness in your organization?